We honor your “YES” to participating in The Way of the Rainbow.

As many of you know, once you commit to the next step of your personal transformation, the Universe brings all that you need in order to support you. We are sure that your blessings will start immediately.


Congratulations on saying YES, to Explore, Expand and Express Your Divine Essence with The Way of the Rainbow! 

Once you have registered, more information will come to you by email!

This program is currently NOT available for Home Study… as of April 2017.

We will post when available again for the general public.

HOME STUDY program fee:  $555 U.S. Funds

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In the home study online package you will receive: 

– 7 weekly teleconference lesson call recordings

– 6 weekly teleconference question and answer call recordings

– 6 weeks of written lessons

– 6 weeks of written extra material

– 6 weeks of extra audio activations and special messages

– a wonderful sense of fun and humor with each session

– color codes and keys that support each session

If you have any questions about this please contact Barbara Marie by email